Learn SQL in a simplified manner

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Learn SQL in just four weeks, right from scratch !
SQL is one of the most in demand tech skills today, and learning SQL would surely be one of the fastest and most efficient way to improve ones career prospectus. After the completion of course, one will be able to read, write and comprehend simple to most complex queries of SQL, using which they could work upon any SQL database such as Oracle, Amazon Redshift and others.


  • Zero prior technical experience is required! All you need is a computer with good Internet connectivity!
  • Although for running SQL queries, Oracle software is required.


Learn SQL in a simplified mannerĀ is one of the best SQL course on Udemy crafted in a way that it would serve both the beginner and software professionals who want to learn or refresh their knowledge on one of the most in demand skill of tech world – SQL. The course is designed in a way that one could complete it in less than 4 weeks with 0 prior experience to programming.

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